Planteneers opens new potential for baked goods manufacturers

New product range for vegan baked goods closes market gap

Hamburg, September 2021

The plant-based community is growing steadily. More and more consumers want more choices in plant-based foods. According to a Europe-wide consumer survey by ProVeg International, there is still great potential for plant-based foods in many categories. These include baked goods. In addition to bread and rolls, plant-based alternatives for cakes, tortes and baked goods are in high demand. According to ProVeg survey, both vegans and flexitarians want more choices of purely plant-based fine baked goods in bakeries and food retail. With the new plant-based range from Planteneers, manufacturers can now offer a vegan product portfolio covering everything from brioches, fluffy soft rolls and burger buns to muffins, cake and cookies, to toppings, fillings and plant-based cream alternatives.


Together with sister company DeutscheBack, Planteneers as pioneers in plant-based products have developed attractive baking agents, compounds and all-in mixes that can be used like a modular system. “We offer customers multiple application possibilities per article, so they can use our fiildBake products with maximum flexibility,” says Michael Pruss, Head of Business Development. “By combining the ingredients in different ways, for example, the consistency and texture of the final product can be adjusted.”


Making vegan bread and rolls is normally not a big problem. Nevertheless, with fiildBake Rice Bread Planteneers offers an expanded solution. This all-in mix is suitable not just for making bread and rolls, it is also ideal as a basis for plant-based and vegan tarte flambee and pizza. It’s gluten-free as well, which offers an added benefit. Fine baked goods represent a much greater challenge. “Even if they’re flour-based, they usually contain eggs, butter, milk or milk derivatives. Chocolate is another frequent ingredient,” says Michael Pruss. “For these products the important thing is to cover all the functions of the animal ingredients using only plant ingredients. We have succeeded very well with the different fiildBake products.”


Thus, it is possible to make soft buns without eggs or butter. As an alternative to cheesecake, there is a high convenience all-in mix for a vegan mousse cake whose taste and texture measure up very well to the classic original. Muffins, cookies, pound cake and sheet cake can be made without eggs or butter using the new complete mix from Planteneers. The compounds for making plant-based vanilla creme for many functions, and for plant-based whipping creme for cakes and tortes, give sweet baked goods an individual flavour note and are freeze-thaw-stable, and thus suitable for deep-frozen products. The new fiildBake range is rounded out by plant-based baking agents, a pudding creme composition and a compound for a classic cake glaze that is made hot. “For us it was important to get a broad range to market with which baked goods producers can cover all product categories,” comments Michael Pruss. “In this way they can easily address the rising consumer demand for plant-based baked goods with a wide range of high-quality products.”

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